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Membership Cost


The Martin Heiner Family Organization requests that those interested in joining pay the $25 yearly fee or the $500 lifetime membership.  This money will be used towards future research, temple work, and reunion expenses. 


Benefits of Joining the Martin Heiner Family Organization


Why should you join and pay yearly membership dues?


Membership dues go towards the general research and temple work fund which allows us to do more research and obtain copies of new records. Getting copies of records from the parishes is very expensive, so each contribution helps the work move forward. Once records are obtained and translated, then our temple work committee adds the new information and source details to the FamilyTree on FamilySearch and cards are created so family names can be submitted for temple work.


The annual family newsletter, Heiner Chronicle, will be accessible on the password protected part of this website for those part of the Martin Heiner Family Organization. This newsletter explains new research completed within the year, details on the finances, and a report on the temple work progress.


In addition, reports, stories, photos and documents will be added and can be viewed in the password protected part of the family website.


The yearly dues is a reasonable amount and will greatly help the work progress. Please join! We want you to be part of this great work! 

There are many ways to join our family organization:

1. Paypal

Send funds from your PayPal account or credit card to our Paypal Account:

2. Mail a check to our treasurer

    Martin Heiner Family Organization

    c/o Carolyn Kuroiwa

    573 W 3900 N

    Pleasant View, UT 84414


Join the Family Organization

Click pdf to download the membership application

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