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2015 Family Reunion

Stories & Photos Coming Soon!

2015 Heiner Reunion
Mr. Eberhard Wolf of the Wasungen Historical Association was a key organizer of the museum exhibit and co-authored the Historical Journal. A passionate historian, he has become an expert on the Martin Heiner Family in Germany and is particularly interested in what became of them after leaving Germany. He seems to be almost obsessed with the old American West and Morgan, Utah in particular. Interestingly, there are many similarities between Wasungen, Germany and Morgan, and a proposal has been made to establish a sister city relationship between the two towns. Eberhard and his family are planning a trip to Morgan in October 2015 to visit the area where the Heiner family planted their roots, grew and then spread out all over the country. At that time, we will have another reunion to meet Eberhard and share stories and information with him. We don't have a time or date yet, but mark your calendars for early October 2015 in Morgan, Utah.

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